Face Time for Frei

(I'm told the problem with the clip sound is now fixed. If it isn't, I sincerely apologize and will never believe those lying weasels again.)

MLS continues it's season-long project aimed at creating a "Keeper Bloopers" video which Cohiba Don plans on entering at Sundance:

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I was going to say "Frei gives good face" but decided that was too mean. So I won't.

One other thing that's notable about that clip is the rather large number of people who showed up dressed as empty seats.

Now of course seeing as how those seats were paid for I'm sure not complaining. A sold out building is a sold out building, and we need more of them.

The point - and I'm not TFC bashing here (for once) - would seem to be that the fans are growing a little tired of losing.

I don't think they're in danger of financial collapse anytime soon, but it would appear that they've reached the point in Toronto where the thrill of having a soccer team is wearing a bit thin and the organization needs to give them something worth watching.

The win yesterday may help, as will the fact that after yesterday's win, were the season to end today (otherwise known as WTSTET) TFC would be in the playoffs, albeit tied for the last spot.

They'd take it.

This was a hard game to figure. The Reds were without their marquee player Dwayne DeRosario, and DeGuzman is reportedly dinged up a bit.

New England, on the other hand, in a huge surprise, welcomed back Shalrie Joseph after a five game suspension which they're now acknowledging was so that he could attend MLS’s Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health program.

I'm not certain why they tiptoed around that one. A few years back when Edson Buddle got stopped for driving while black and it turned out he had a few drinks on board, the league suspended him, said exactly why and talked about his rehab requirements and conditions for reinstatement publically.

Oddly, the MLSSoccer recap for yesterdays' match still refers to Joseph being gone "for personal reasons" even though the cat is now out of the bag.

In any case, TFC without DeRo and the Revs having Joseph back looked to make New England the favorite, but nothing ever goes to form in MLS and the Reds made a lovely Chad Barrett header on 52 minutes stand up for a 1-0 win.

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TFC's two Nutrilite wins, combined with the draw with LA and the win yesterday ought to mean that there's hope up there after all.

Interestingly, WTSTET, the last team out would be Seattle, who lost to a suddenly hot San Jose side which, WTSTET, would not only be in the playoffs, they'd be the third seed.

Someone call Hell and see if it's snowing.

Seattle pounded away all game long, hitting 13 shots overall while Saint Joe only managed 3 strikes but one of them found the net early courtesy of the suddenly Romario-like Chris Wondolowski, at which point SJ did what they do best - button it up in back - and made it stand up, Quakes - 1-0 Sounders.

And for those of you who were looking for the massive changes that The Round Mound of Coaching said were imminent, well, keep on looking.

The biggest change was caused by injuries, most prominently to Brad Evans, but a very callow front line - Zakuani, Montero & Nyassi - simply couldn't find the net and last weeks' sensation, the 17 year old Montano, missed a golden chance on 86 minutes.

And for good measure, Seattle defensive stalwart Jhon Kennedy Hurtado was carted off the field with a late injury.

Sounders fans are beginning to realize, perhaps, that they're not going to own MLS after all.

At least not yet.