Monday, Monday

I don't know what's more ridiculous: Kei Kamara whiffing a ball that is literally on the goal line or him arguing with the referee over whether he pushed it across with his arm.

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Either way, bringing Kamara back was a stroke of genius; MLS needs all the comedy it can get.

On Thursday night, Seattle lost two points on a phantom foul in the box PK and they're plenty steamed about it.

There's talk about a big protest, wearing black, yada yada yada. I sincerely hope they reconsider, since there's not much it can accomplish.

It's not like USSF and MLS aren't aware that this kind of thing happens. It's just that there's a real limit to what they can do about it at the moment.

But hey, do what you gotta do, and may God bless.

However, yesterday in Toronto it was their own guys who badly screwed the pooch, and The Reds burned them:

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Say what you want about DeRo, he's still one of the most dangerous hitters in the league and he's always going to make you pay.

As for this:

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The less said about midfield giveaways the better.

The more interesting point is that O'Brian White is becoming a scary guy out there. With 3 first rounders in the 2009 draft, MoMo Johnston had the luxury of using one of them on a kid who was coming off of a serious injury.

So count him as TFC's 2010 first rounder if you want. Either way, White is going to do some damage.

When the 2010 combine invitee list was made public, a certain blogger (modesty forbbids) expressed surprise - even shock - that Akrons' Ben Zemanski was ignored.

All the attention aimed at the NCAA Championship runners-up was focused on Teal Bunbury and Blair Gavin, and Zemanski was considered one of those "other" guys who get to take a bunch of warm memories with them as they begin their post-soccer careers while the big names go one to fame and fortune.

But a funny thing happened:

On draft day, Chivas USA - of all teams - picked Zemanski in the fourth round. But hey, a fourth rounder, right? I mean, it's not like he was actually going to make the team.

Except that, when the final roster came out, there he was: a non-GenA fourth round pick on the senior roster.

On Saturday, Chivas fans got to see why: in a performance one observer flatly called "magnificent" Zemanski anchored the CUSA midfield in their 3-2 win over San Jose.

How a West Coast outfit stole this kid from under the radar is a mystery, but he's a kid to keep an eye on.