Altidore Brings the Stupid

Jozy Altidore makes a big, big mistake:

[ame=""]YouTube- Hull City Goes Down While Jozy Altidore and Allan Hutton Sent Early to the Showers[/ame]

Sunderland defender Alan Hutton stikes him with the ball, buying himself an automatic red card, meaning Hull was going to get to play the last 40 minutes against a ten man side.

What a break. Jozy should have shaken his hand and offered to buy him dinner.

Instead, incredibly, he head butts the guy.

Not only was this simply self-indulgent jackassery, but his team - Hull City - is fighting for their lives and down one goal. There's just no excuse.

He's now done at Hull - where they were actually growing rather fond of the guy - and Villereal will have to figure out what to do with him next.

Altidore HAS REPORTEDLY APOLOGIZED, Tweeting that he:

"made a stupid, immature and costly mistake.......I let my emotions get the best of me and lost my composure."

Sunderland defender Alan Hutton suffered a cut eye, smashed nose and a chipped tooth in the English Premier League match.

Altidore has been suspended for the remaining two games of Hulls' season and certainly faces a 3 game punishment from the EPL.

Hull manager Iain Dowie:

"Jozy reacted stupidly. I'm not going to defend my player..He'll be disciplined because of it. It's not acceptable. In a big, big game, he's let his teammates down.''

Sunderland manager Steve Bruce:

"The incident after that is totally ridiculous"

More importantly though, Jozy just painted a big target on himself; at this level, when people figure out you can be provoked into this kind of stuff, guess what happens?

I'm a big fan, kid, but you've now dug yourself a big hole.