Maybe the Amish were right about electricity

A third jersey for a team that doesn't even need two? Perfect. Drew Carey wasn't kidding when he said the Sounders owners liked making money.

I suppose I have to put up a picture of it. Crap.

Oh. Wait, that's not the Sounders jersey. That's a picture you get when you put "ridiculous garbage" into a GIS. I meant to type "Sounders electricity third kit," but instead I typed "ridiculous garbage." Perfectly understandable typo.

Fine, I get it. This is America. If you've got 35,000 people willing to wear puke green, at least some of them will wear stomach lining yellow. why the Timbers colors? I don't get it. That's like the Crew having a red alternate.

Yeah, it's probably supposed to be a Brazil ripoff, and not a Timbers ripoff. But isn't this team supposed to have history dating back to the No Americans Soccer League? There was no one in the office who pointed out that the Sounders were going to dress identically to their rivals? This wouldn't have happened if Adrian Hanauer were...

Oh. Turns out not even the fake coach likes the fake shirts.

Maybe they think that all of the MLS fans in the Pacific Northwest will think soccer history began last March. If one fan sees the eventual announcement of the Timbers' badge and colors (here's my scoop - yellow, green, and an ax - mum's the word, though), and says "They ripped off the Sounders!," then maybe it's worth it. I'd laugh. I'd then demand said fan be executed at the Timbers' season opener, and his or her head used for the ceremonial first kick, but nevertheless, I'd laugh.