Edson Is Our King

A couple of weeks ago in my season preview, I posted this:

I'd like to apologize for the typographical errors.

I suppose I could be pissy and defensive about it. "Like YOU thought Edson Buddle would so far outscore every team in the league but one." Then I'd hit "Post Now" and go pout somewhere. (Typical weekend for me, really.)

You know, if Galaxy games this year weren't B-roll footage for "Beautiful Smile: The Edson Buddle Story", I could make a case that the Galaxy really are average at best. I mean, the rest of the team has combined for no goals.

But that would be dishonest, damn it. They've only given up one goal in four games, and Ricketts has faced the fewest shots in the league so far. Which means that the team is controlling possession exactly as drawn up by Bruce Arena. Birchall may look awful when he's trying those 30 yard shots, but he's doing the job he's paid to do. Omar Gonzalez is going to be very important for whichever national team he chooses, Bob.

And while Landon Donovan may be killing your fantasy team, he's taking away defenders who would otherwise be focusing on Magee and Buddle. So no other LA player has scored. I think if a Galaxy player right now isn't passing to Buddle before shooting, he should be benched.

Of course, now, teams are putting guys on Buddle as well...and he's beating them. Buddle's work off the ball has just been astonishing so far. He's a Digital Takawira for the iPad generation.

Which, I guess, brings us once again to the Buddle-for-America discussion. The United States might need Buddle more than the Galaxy, because it's not like Bob Bradley could theoretically sign some Brazilian kid. May 11 30-man provisional roster, we're all agreed on that, right?

And if it's too late for Edson Buddle, I'm willing to accept that. Not even the most determined Bob Bradley hater would fault him for not calling up Buddle last year. I think Buddle is going to the May camp and tear it up, on the grounds that he can finish a Feilhaber or Michael Bradley pass as well as one from Juninho Carsonista. Buddle can clearly play with Landon, so, one down, nine to go.