Major League Soccer Soccer: "Yeah, about that....."

So you see the problem isn't that Major League Soccer-Soccer is a badly conceived, badly designed and badly executed colossal pile of dog excrement.

No indeed.

The only real problem is "the integration of live data across the site" and they want you to know that they're gonna get right on on that.

Now it's no secret that the mere act of typing and posting to a blog is a major technical feat for me. The bars around BigSoccer World Headquarters are littered with the empty shells of formerly bright and promising young techies who've been reduced to babbling at bartenders about this "Archer" guy who haunts their nightmares with his painful imbecility.

So I have no way of knowing whether all of the shortcomings of the new site are "manifestations of a single, but important, technical problem" or whether all of the problems boil down to "technology issues" or not.

However, while I have spent exactly no time down in the nether regions of corporate-type offices where the technically competent hold sway, I have spent a considerable amount of time upstairs where the memos flow like the waters of Babylon, and so I feel reasonably confident in saying that this is the line of horse manure that's being spoon fed to the suits in the corner offices.

"See, it's just a matter of getting the ramifranz to line up with the gidginator so that the momma-womma can accelerate the frimmy frammy correctly."

How this is going to magically fix the design or create usable content is a question that's not addressed. Neither is the issue of why they didn't have the thing actually working before they proudly announced that we all should head on over.

And while I may not know Silverlight from Silver Surfer, I do know a thing or two about horse manure: Update: A Letter to the Supporters
Details on the launch of the League's new site

March 29, 2010 3:53pm
MLS Supporters,

Last Thursday, we launched our new League website— Following the launch and over the weekend, we have experienced a number of technology issues that significantly affected the performance of the site. We apologize for the impact these problems are having on our fans, and we are working quickly to correct them.

The most significant issue concerns the integration of live data across the site. Specifically, the site is designed to automatically access and integrate a live data feed and this function is not working properly. As a result, many important areas in the site, including the scoreboard, the schedule, player information, stats and the standings, are not working properly. In summary, issues in each of these areas are manifestations of a single, but important, technical problem.

Our team is working hard to resolve all of the outstanding issues as quickly as possible, and we anticipate that this problem will be fixed for the most part before the games on Thursday.

MLS fans deserve an exceptional website and we remain committed to delivering that experience.

Many of you have sent me feedback. Please continue to do so. I can be reached at Chris@MLSSOCCER.COM.

Chris Schlosser

Director, Digital Strategy