This is how sorry men play

Via Mateo, we learn that Peter Nowak at least know which domestic league he works for.

Well, Pete, you better sign yourself some women, because it looks like your men's team is going to get its ass kicked up and down North America.

As if the Sounders weren't a men's team as well. It's one thing to be determined and resolute and never say die. It's another to try jimmy-jack intimidation crap against a team that's stronger, faster and more experienced. No MLS team has ever gotten a red card before a goal before, Pete. And no MLS team has made Deadspin for being a bunch of dirty clowns. No such thing as bad publicity, right?

On a positive note, the gold shorts make your players, depending on their skin tone, look from a distance as if they're not actually wearing shorts at all, so you've got that going for you. And there's no truth to the rumor that Benjamin Massing is going to sue David Myrie for copyright infringement.

Speaking of complaining about things that literally everyone else in the entire world is also lambasting - can someone volunteer John Harkes for a manned mission to the sun?

First of all, it's "Any Club," not "All Clubs." Second of all, the Timbers Army predates ACES by a cool decade, at least. Third, ACES was started in Ohio. Fourth, Portland fans tend to prefer Portland first and foremost. Fifth, the whole ACES joke was played out eleven months ago.

This is seriously the only former player that can do color commentary in the whole United States of America? If people want to hear pointless misinformation out of John Harkes, ask him why Sampson dropped him.

So it looks as if one of my big questions about Seattle was answered - it looks like the Sounders are not a fad. Which is great - 90's records are made to be broken. Too much more of this, and Seattle management smugness will be on beyond intolerable, into flat-out appropriate. Well, it isn't bragging if you can do it.

I'm just a little surprised that so many Sounders fans know "Take 'em All" by Cock Sparrer. But, it's not as if Seattle has made much impact in rock music over the years.