Talk Soup

Well, Cinco de County Mayo is over for another year. If only Patrick had kept the snakes and driven out the Irish. Stop me if I've told you that one.

I have no new insight on the CBA negotiations, except yeah, I'm still going to stand by my prediction that no actual games will be missed. Despite the players' statements this week, and the owners' responses, summarized thus:

Sure, it looks bad. It's supposed to look bad right now. I think the owners will end up giving something, though, if only so the MLSPU won't get rid of Bob Foose and hire better negotiators and PR agents.

This has been pointed out, too, but - and don't get me wrong, it's a fine name, and it shouldn't be changed - "Philadelphia Union" has to be the most awkward expansion team name since "Tampa Bay Devil Steroids."

I had to enjoy both Jonah Freeman on MLSnet (soon to be Major League Soccer Soccer) saying Quakes fans need to turn the page on hating the Dynamo. I couldn't disagree more.

I wouldn't recognize San Jose fans if they turned all forgiving, but they've taken their share of abuse over the years. It was none other than Brian Ching who said this back in 2008, and I highly doubt there are many Quakes fans who don't know exactly what I'm about to post:

It would take very patient fans to turn the other cheek after smack like that, and MLS fans aren't celebrated for their patience to begin with - let alone the NorCal variety. And why is MLSnet trying to diminish rivalries? At least fans care.

Along those lines, I can imagine the reaction to Landon Donovan proclaiming his devotion to yet another club:

Quakes fans, you might want to warn any Merseysiders in blue to expect the worst.