Frimpong Appeal Denied*

The Appeals Court of California, Second Appellate District, has denied the appeal of former UC Santa Barbara soccer star Eric Frimpongs' conviction on sexual battery, making it likely that he will be forced to serve the balance of his six year sentence.

The decision comes as a bitter blow to his legions of supporters.

His only other avenue of appeal is to the California Supreme Court, which would seem unlikely at best.

First word of the decision came courtesy of Beau Dure, who passed along THIS NEWS BLURB via Twitter.

For those of you with a legal background, and even for those of you without, the decision is remarkably READABLE EVEN FOR A LAYMAN

* I'm told that to be correct here I should have said his conviction was affirmed, or perhaps that the court refused to overturn the conviction or something.

I'd change it to something I completely understand, but "Frimpongs' Ass Is Going to Stay in the Slammer" will offend someone, I'm sure.