There is a fireman with an hourglass

Well, I first read about in Mike's blog. But apparently the outlet that broke the that Landon actually factually asked to stay at Everton longer was this Daily Telegraph article.

Apparently much less attention was given to today's Guardian article, which has a very similar Donovan quotation:

Well, I tend to doubt that Donovan used the English "15 April" nomenclature. But the Guardian's Andy Hunter drew a different conclusion:

Serious buzzkill, because if Donovan fights Beckham-style to stay abroad, it would be the single biggest snitstorm in the history of American soccer. Bigger than Beckham's Italian job, bigger than John Harkes and Eric Wynalda in "Love, American Style", bigger than Bill Simmons choosing to follow Newcastle.

I could murder a lot of electrons in saying how Donovan is, or is not, as big a hypocrite as Beckham was last year (very short answer: he wasn't, but him asking to stay an extra month didn't help).

But the biggest reason we won't be able to compare Landon with Beckham's actions is...timing.

Exactly a year ago, it was announced that Beckham was paying to stay in Milan until the end of the season. That was the end of a long, painful saga. If there was going to be a similar Donovan saga, it would have begun much earlier. Everton is asking - doesn't hurt to ask. Donovan is asking - well, that hurts a little, based on the reaction throughout the US soccersphere today.

We can talk about the implications if Donovan misses the beginning of the season (which would mean more than half the MLS season), if the Galaxy were to suddenly acquiesce to Everton and Landon's wishes. I don't see that happening, outside a labor stoppage. (Which I also don't see happening.) (And I've never been wrong before, ever.)