MLS, Union: Not Even Talking

MLS and the Union, after holding a negotiating session as scheduled on Monday, DID NOT MEET TODAY (TUESDAY) and both sides, apparently having worn themselves out tossing hand grenades at each other over the weekend, are refusing further comment.

Maybe they had a meeting of the minds, everything is agreed to, everybody is happy as can be and they're just holding the news to make us nervous.

If so, it's working.

Making it somewhat more urgent than might otherwise be the case, the CONCACAF Champions League match between the Columbus Crew and Toluca IS BECOMING A CONCERN for the Confederation.

Scheduled for March 9 in Columbus, it would thus be the first event to be affected.

In other MLS news - or non-news, as the case may be - the Wizards have agreed to send Luis Gil to REAL SALT LAKE for a second round pick next year, an international player slot and 25% of any future international transfer fee.

Hefty price.

Peter Vermes had a busy day today, as the Wizards also announced that they are parting ways with Argentine legend CLAUDIO LOPEZ their controversial DP.

Apparently they weren't able to agree on a price.