The Kids are not all right

I'm going to get ahead of myself here - there's nothing official yet. But two of the Home Depot Center's most overhyped and least worthwhile institutions may finally be headed into the sunset...hopefully to drown in the Pacific.

From Nick Green, more proof that Team Beckham are the Somali pirates of world soccer. It's probably as fair to blame the workings of a soccer academy on the namesake as it is to complain about a cold Big Mac to the mascot - but what else are clowns good for? While Beckham continues to flog shirts to gullible Italians while campaigning for a World Cup spot, his jerseys, perfume and posters grace the remainder shelves of Ross and TJ Maxx outlets throughout the region.

I didn't understand the ending to "No Country for Old Men," but the title makes sense. Enough already. It wasn't funny when Carlos Hermosillo brought the 1998 Galaxy to a screeching halt, it wasn't funny when the only trophies the Galaxy won in 2001 were in tournaments Luis Hernandez didn't play, and it's not funny today.

Well, okay, it's actually very funny, just not to Galaxy fans.

Fortunately, I have something that is very funny to Galaxy fans. I'm probably getting a little ahead of myself on this story, which I am told translates into Jorge Vergara losing the rights to the Chivas trademark.

He's going to fight it, of course. And he's got the money to make sure the wheels of justice turn very, very slowly when it comes to breaking this butterfly.

But assuming this ruling stands, then Shawn Hunter and Antonio Cue will get to hold a naming contest sometime in the future. They could try for "Los Angeles Futbol Club," but it looks like they'd have to go through Roman Abramovich AND Teddy Chronopoulos to do it.

Again - this is me wishing in one hand, as the saying goes. Vergara hasn't lost the team, after all. If he wants to keep that team going as Saprissa USA or something, that would apparently be at his discretion.

But to see that front office, that fan base, and those players, after five long years of leeching onto a tradition they did nothing but embarrass, putting on fancy new colors with a bright new 21st century corporate-designed crest that will make the New York Red Bulls look like Old Etonians...and having to smile through it every step of the way...well, even picturing the possibility is enough to restore my faith in the Mexican judicial system.