Ryan Babel Blues!

A little tribute to the irritating mystery, wrapped up in a frustrating enigma that is the mercurial talent of Ryan Babel. I still think he has some real promise, but he needs gentle nurturing, which he won’t get whilst Rafa Benitez is in charge, because Benitez believes in the foot up the arse rather than the arm around the shoulder as a motivational technique. Anyway….

To the tune of “Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash
His name is Ryan Babel,>>
He drives me round the bend,>>
He ain’t had a good game since I don’t know when>>
He’s stuck here for the season, and time keeps draggin’ on>>
If we could’ve spend the money, he’d surely have gone

He acts just like a baby; he acts just like a fool>>
Has the brains of a walnut, has all the heart of Kewell>>
He was tackled against City, and he seemed to die>>
When Gerrard said to play on, he looked ready to cry

He leaves red fans screamin’ when he wastes another sitter,>>
He shows up late for training, Reveals the squad on Twitter>>
But he’s such a great talent, as we all can see,>>
He should be a great player>>
And that’s what tortures me…

Well if they don’t play him from the start more>>
If they don’t reward him when he tries>>
At another club, his future surely lies>>
Far from Liverpool, where he’s not in the side>>
To stay here under Rafa, is career suicide>>