Black is the New Black

Femexfut made official what we all had known for months. Mexico’s alternate strip will be black. As a traditionalist, if the alternate was not going to be white, I would have preferred the claret (guinda) that Mexico used for years. The black looks nice, I guess. Who am I to judge, though? My favorite all-time strip was the Aztec Calendar infused shirt from 1998.

Chivas made it four in a row to start the Bicentenario tourney with a 2-0 win last night over a plucky Queretaro team that has been re-energized by Club America legend, Carlos Reynoso. After changing managers at an alarming rate (even for Mexican clubs, it was pretty excessive), Chivas seemed to have settled nicely with an inside man, Jose Luis Real, and are playing some of their best futbol in years. Chicharito Hernandez got his seventh goal of the season five minutes after Omar Bravo got his first. The difference maker last night was Adolfo Bautista. The second half sub catalyzed the offense and provided service for Bravo’s goal. Bautista is clearly happy to be back “home” after a spell in the selva chapaneca. If he can keep it up, he might have to change his plans for the summer as well.

Salvador Cabañas has improves steadily over the past week. He is sitting up, eating, talking, and getting better all the time. According to the attending physician, he has recovered most of his motor skills, but his cognitive skills are still far from returning to normal. Keep fighting, Chava. All of us are with you.

The FMF has announced that one of the TBD opponents will be North Korea, to be played March 17 in Torreon, Coahuila (Santos’ gorgeous new stadium). If Mexico had wanted to play North Korea, it probably had to be in Mexico. Securing visas for the North Koreans to play in the States would have been a tall order.

[ame=""]Gio arrives in Turkey[/ame]

Giovani Dos Santos seems to be settling at his new club, Turkey’s Galatasaray. By the looks of the crazed fan support, he had better. He started a game for the first time since late summer, a 0-0 tie against Kayserispor. There is plenty of rust, and there is till plenty of promise. He’ll get his sea legs back. We hope.

One last thing. Is it too much to ask for FIFA to stop referring to the Americas as the New World? I know they are a little entrenched in tradition, but the New World? Is it 1510?