LA is S.O.L.

I don't care how many times you've read that headline the past 24 hours. It's the last time I'll get to use it, and I'm going to get milk out of the Comedy Turnip if it kills me.

Everyone now knows what has been obvious for weeks - the Sol have set. For a bad time, call 1-877-4-SOL-TIX.

Well, everyone knows, except the clueless numbnuts who wrote this last week:

HA! What a ********ING MORON! Nice sources, citizen journalist!

I never got the chance to meet Tonya personally, but I'd like to take this opportunity to thank her for making me look like the single biggest chuckle******** on the net today outside Paul Shirley. (Don't Google him, it'll just depress you.)

I don't know how on earth she plans to top-

You know, we have a saying in Tennessee...and in Texas, I think it's in Tennessee too...but we have a saying: Fool me once, SHUT THE ******** UP.

WPS will be have one team west of the Mississippi next year...fortunately, it was one of their very, very least popular, so I anticipate no consequences to this. Hysterically enough, that's also where WPS has their league office.

It's easy and fun to blame AEG for this, and there's probably a lot to that. However you feel about what they did during contraction, they showed a hell of a lot more patience and effort in San Jose than they did for WPS. You'd think with all the lighted billboards and theaters they're putting up in Los Angeles, they'd need the tax writeoff.

Maybe not, though. That movie they made about the dead child molestor was a big hit, but I guess they thought they would make more money with a singing and dancing child molestor than with a dead one.

By the way, Michael Jackson was a child molestor.

And AEG based their business plan for 2010 on a child molestor with a drug problem.

So, thank God they got away from the stigma of Marta and WPS, that might be bad for their image.

Having said all that, the E in AEG may stand for Evil, but there's no S for Stupid. They couldn't genuinely have thought the Sol would be the biggest thing in town instantly, and they couldn't genuinely have thought knocking it over after one year would solve anything.

Sure, I believe everything Tonya Antonucci tells me, but that doesn't mean Tim Leiweke would have, right?

It's possible Leiweke said to Antonucci, "Yeah, we'll be in for the long haul...PSYCH," which actually means it's impressive WPS is still wobbling around instead of already in an urn. If Phil and Tim ever said to Don Garber "BTW, L8RS, LOL," MLS wouldn't look too pretty right now, either.'s their money. If they want to spend it on animated billboards and dead child molestor memorabilia, there's not much we can do to stop it.

Slightly along those lines, I want to take issue with what Bill said in his comment to Andy's post.

Only one part of it, he's right about the rest, and so is Andy. But it's not incumbent on any do-gooder to rescue WPS or the Sol. If they're looking for a charity, UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders and Haiti are ready when they are. WPS is a business, and if it can't run itself like one, that's not Oprah Winfrey's problem.

As to the future of WPS...well, they do seem to feel confident about Philadelphia and Atlanta, and...wait. I just remembered. Not my ********ing problem. See you on Bumpy Pitch T-shirts.