Salvador Cabañas Shot - In Critical Condition - UPDATE #5

It's hard for me to even write these words, but Club America and Paraguayan strker extraordinaire, Salvador Cabañas was assaulted in the restroom of a Mexico City nightclub and shot in the head early this morning.

He apparently arrived at the hospital conscious and was able to answer the questions he was given. Surgeons are working furiously to repair the wound.

Cabañas is one of, if not the best, strikers in Mexican futbol and was surely to be an important piece of Paraguay's world cup campaign.

My thoughts and prayers are with him, his family, his club, and his country.

¡Vamos, Salvador!


An Angeles Hospital spokesman states that Cabañas is in surgery. We'll know more this afternoon.

2:34 PM CST - According to Fernando Schwartz, Cabañas is out of surgery, in ICU, still in critical, albeit stable condition. The surgeons were not able to remove the slug. The 48-72 hours will be absolutely critical. Hang in there, Chava.

6:15 PM CST
It's hard enough on mundane footie news to cut through the fact and speculation in the Mexican press. But today it has been next to impossible. Here is the official statement from the attending physician

"Él llegó con una herida producida por arma de fuego y obviamente es un traumatismo craneocefálico, fue intervenido y además de la lesión de la craneoncefálica se le presentó un coágulo y sangrado en la cavidad del cerebro, se le practicó una craneotom