Live From Philadelphia

Three or four guys are two minutes away from a long, lonely walk out to Arch St.


Oddly, although DC has had virtually nothing to do, they have the largest contingent of suits in the place, witth seven guys crammed around their table.

They almost had to ask for a "kids table" to stick on the end for olsen.


I was just over in the players section.

There are still maybe ten guys over there waiting to get called.

Time is running short. How depressing must that be?


get to know Mike Seamons, now with Seattle.

he has something like 25 hot women following him around.


The draft is MLS' "dressiest" event. Even the press, notorious for out-and-out slobbery, cleans up a little (well, not the photographers. That's not possible)

So everybody with the league is in their best bib and tuucker, with two exceptions:

Steve Nicol is the only person in the league/team compound not wearing a suit. He's in a nice green sweater.

And Ben Olsen, who's over there at the DC table looking like he borrowed a cheap suit from his roommate, slept in it, and now has a hideous pink tie with the knot halfway down the front of his shirt.


Andrew Hoxie, winner of the 2010 Combine Luke Kreamelmeyer award is "looking forward to bringing home a championship" to San Jose.


Was just talking to Andy Mead.

Raise your hand if you knew that, politically, Mead makes Dan Loney look like Richard Nixon.


"Nationally ranked Conor" to RedBulls.

I wonder if that poor kid will ever live that down.

Well, of course, as long aas BigSoccer is around, the answer is: never.


nicol is so damned casual about it all.

He sits there looking like he's about to fall asleep and then, at the last minute, writes a name down, hands it to the runner, and then resumes looking like he's on a beach somewhere.


San Jose - no hesitation. Handed the smurf their pick sheet before the last one was done being announced.

Quickest draw of the day, by far.


Mike Seamans has, like, 50 family members with him.

In other news, Cobi is eating a sandwich.


Sigi on the phone


I'm having a hard time figuring out what the Fire is up to.

Klopas is standing around shooting the crap with some fans.


Fire time out.

Apparently was a signal of some kind since they're now showing a clip about John Carver's career in Toronto.

Obviously scraping the bottom off the video vault at this point.


Steve nicol is on the clock and he's currently over at his table flipping through the media guide, looking at player profiles.

I was kind of assuming that he would have, you know, something a little better.


I'm not prepared to say what it means, exactly, but the league suddenly has a veritable herd of well-scrubbed little flunkies running around.

I mean, these little chipmonks are everywhere.

The buzz now is Andrew Wiedeman.

He's a GenA for Pete's sake. Doesn't someone want a free player?

Maybe more to the point, what's wrong with you if nobody wants you around if it won't cost anything?


As i was walking back into the hall, I was passed by Corben Bone walking out.

He was walking holding hands with his little sister, maybe seven or eight years old.

May you all, just once in your life, have someone look at you with as much unabashed love, nay worship as that girl was laying on her brother.

Life is good, my friends.


There's a "Player Hospitality" area outside just past the lobby. Comfy chairs, free food and liquids and a mean looking Convention center nazi standing there keeping the riffraff out.

All the guys who've been picked are now out there, chatting, laughing and eating. Life is good.

Meanwhile, about 20 other players are sitting in the seats waiting to hear their name. Not nearly as much laughter over there.


You probably have it better than I do. Clint goes back to where it all began.

If you have a moment, email Cobi Jones and see if he's alive.


Onolfo over schmoozing with the DC group


LA still hasn't handed in a slip


Now Arena is up front jawing at some league guys.

Cobi is sitting at the table studying his pen.


Something definitely up w/LA

Arena back over w/RSL, now on phone again, Cobi doing an imitation of a lawn gnome.


SOme gray haired guy is sitting at the Revs table eating a sandwich. Nobody else there.


Now Arena is over at the RSL table.


NYRB on the phone too. Maybe they're talking to il Bruce.

"Beckham to NY" - it'll bring the house down.


Arena is talking on the phone. I'm thinking double pepperoni


Good pick for the Fire. Some people had Bone as the best player in the draft.

Smallish, but well worth the shot, particularly as a GenA


Bright Dike?

Maybe the discussion was about how to pronounce his name.

The style book does in fact say "Dee-kay". Very fortunate.


Now more MLS officials are talking over there. Looks like a convention.


Half of the league office is huddled with the Crew - somebody is unhappy about something

it's not indecision. It seems to be a technical question


Comedy moment: 1000 people looking at each other asking "Who the hell is David Estrada?"

Hell of a reach. Would probably have been there in the 2nd. Sigi goes his own way.


Corben Bone dropping like a rock. Nobody can figure it out.


Gavin to Chivas. They couldn't believe he was still there.

(Massive connectivity problems. Everybody here scrambling for a network)

And the NYRB fans are now officially the most drunk and annoyingly obnoxious group here.


If you're keeping track at home, God is leading Jesus Christ 4-1


Dallas table looks like there's some disagreement.

The MLS smurf is standing there waiting for them to hand him the slip but he's being ignored


Just saw Sunil Gulati wandering around being ignored.

He's amazingly lifelike.


Opara. The shocks just keep on coming.

God is on a hot streak here.


Tshani is huge.


Mwanga. Well slap my ass and call me Sally.


Now it's the RedBulls fans. they may be even louder than the DC guys who, for reasons beyond imagining, had 50 seats saved for them up front.

Philadelphia: I love you guys, really, but you're getting schooled.

The noise in here is deafening.


Union fans chanting "Who are 'ya?" at DC fans.

Well, um, they're the guys who actually have a team that's, like, played and stuff.

Now they're saying "We can't hear you"

Believe me, Unionites - you can. Everybody can. They can hear them in New Jersey


DC Fans 20 feet from arena, singing at the top of their lungs.

Arena looking like he's laying a watermelon


Don Garber is talking. And talking. And talking.

Rob Stone, Alexi Lalas, John harkes on deck


Crowd in front:



RedBulls fans in back of room:


That didn't take long

Tschani to NYRB is apparently a lock.

San jose is up next. Maybe we can get this done before 2PM and just get drunk.


Bruce Arena seems to be wearing a suit - not a sport coat but a suit - that has an LA patch on the front of it.

Is that available in the gift shop?

Every time I see Dave Sarachan I can't help thinking he's just about to break into a chorus of "We represent the Lollipop Guild"


Entire TFC staff sitting at their table deep in conversation. Dynamo, Dallas and Chivas seem more relaxed.

Nobody else seated yet.


Call Me Mr. Information:

Players who are already under contract to the league - GenA's and signed seniors - are brought here courtesy of the league and sits up front.

Any other player who was draft eligible can, if he so chooses, sit in the players-and-family section.

Every year one or two guys ends up sitting there for three, even four rounds. Two years ago a player sat there for all four, never heard his name, and had to make the long walk out to the parking lot.

(And it's not that he was too puffed up over nothing: First team All American and major conference Poty.)

As a result, more and more unsigned players are electing to sit just outside the ropes.


The Perils of being Steven Goff:

Every media geek in the place has now meekly approached Steven Goff and kissed his ring.

The Archbishop of MLS


News flash: Ives Galarcep owns a shirt with a collar.


I'm doing this Ives Galarcep style - latest first.

Tampa Bay Mutiny Memorial First MLS Shirt in the Room Award:

Kansas City Wizards


Didn't WC Fields have something to say about being buried here?

However that was, this is the worst town for driving in the country. I'd do laps of Manhattan Island before I'd drive cross town here.

The Convention center is of course hard by Chinatown, so you can grab a really decent Kung Pao chicken or get that kink in your neck fixed at one of the ubiquitous acupuncture parlors.

Just came from The Field House, where Union fans are gathering. There's already a pretty decent crowd and if the pace of the drinking continues there are a number of them who won't be able to walk the one block to the draft by 2 PM.

They had a replay of Arsenal-Everton on one of the screens. Our boy looked active and involved, and - incredibly - more or less seamlessly integrated into the scheme.

A very attractive young lady gave me a Philadelphia Union pin. It would have been much more flattering if she hadn't also given them to everyone in the place.

On the bright side, she was much cuter than the bleach blond bimbo passing out SoCo shirts. Then again, if you drink SoCo, then you get what you deserve.

I'm now over in the ballroom. Seems like they've opened up another section of the room than they had here last time. Lots more seating, I think, and it looks like they'll need it just for the Union fans.

Is this the first time they've held the Superdraft in an MLS city? I remember Baltimore a couple years ago but that's as close as I can remember.

I'm sitting right next to the LA table. I'm thinking of sitting here calling out "Bruce! Hey Bruce!" for an hour or so, just to see his vast repertoire of disgusted looking faces.

More when the drunks start arriving. If you're headed here from out of town, I suggest not stopping. It's looking like a sellout.