Not Heard Round The World

You've seen the picture of the Joe Gaetjens goal from 1950, right?

Except it's a fake.

Here is a closeup of a worse quality print, but one that is nowhere near as retouched. I got this from a reader who may or may not choose to remain anonymous, but who I would trust implicitly. You shouldn't trust ME implicitly, but you should trust HIM. Trust me. Anyway, here's the picture.

Okay, yeah, I was sort of hoping that would scan better. But I think it's enough to prove that what Gaetjens and Bert Williams are looking at is a miss. The net is under the ball, being dented away from the camera, not towards it.

Why am I so sure? Because Geoffrey Douglas and the Soccer Hall of Fame told me so:

That of course is from [ame=]"The Game of Their Lives,"[/ame] a terrific book that was made into a lousy movie. (Kinda like "Fever Pitch," or the Bible.)

Why take the miss shot and "improve" it? Well, because the actual goal shot doesn't look like a goal.

But...the retouched one doesn't either. Ah, but it looks like a fluke goal, doesn't it?

The game may have been a huge upset, and maybe the better team lost - but the goal wasn't a fluke. Bahr and Gaetjens knew what they were doing.

Unfortunately, the retouched shot is what Google Internet Search comes up with for "Gaetjens goal," and as far as I can tell the actual photo is nowhere online. It's difficult enough to appreciate our soccer history without the Daily effin' Mail falsifying it.

(Also, Adam and Greg may also be doing their part to celebrate history, but if Walter Bahr pronounces it "Gate-jens," then I don't feel bad about having mispronounced his name all this time.)