Now a Champion, Chupete Suazo Should Stay in Monterrey... for Now

Suazo scored 3 goals in the 2-game final

Humberto “Chupete” Suazo put Monterrey’s third title in the icebox with his 90th minute breakaway. The Chilean striker, along with Aldo de Nigris, made sure that Monterrey would not let their opportunity to win the trophy slip away. The same can’t be said for Cruz Azul, who unfortunately for them, are turning into next year’s champions – the bridesmaids of Mexican futbol. It is their 4th loss in the finals since their last win.

Throughout the pregame coverage, the match itself, and the celebration coverage, announcers were falling over themselves announcing that this was Chupete’s last game in Mexico. And when he got the late winner, then it could not have been a more fitting send off. Apparently, Chupete is on his way to the EPL.

When Monterrey made the move to get Suazo from Colo Colo a few years ago, I was a little hesitant to proclaim him the next best thing. The reason is that good players tend to lose their mojo when they play in the Sultana del Norte. Is it the pretty girls, the machaca, the tacos estilo “pirata”, the super high salaries, the unconditional love and support from the base, or a combination of all, I don’t know.

But Chupete did not fall into that particular trap. He has actually gotten better as a rayado. Monterrey can make a pretty penny selling him off to the highest bidder in Europe, there is no doubt.

What’s the hurry?

Wouldn’t Chupete be better off playing at least one more tournament in Mexico? Wouldn’t Chile be better off having Chupete play one more tournament in Mexico? Wouldn’t Monterrey make more money if Chupete stays in rhythm with his club, and then bags a few goals over in South Africa?

Suazo finished the CONMEBOL qualification Gauntlet as the top scorer with 10 goals. Chile closed the qualifying strong and are a sexy pick to make a deep run in South Africa. And if Suazo does get sold to A European club, and struggles to crack the lineup and get minutes, Chile’s chances will take a hit.

If he stays in Monterrey, however, he’ll get his minutes, his goals, and some decent momentum heading toward the cup. A solid performance in the cup will make him a white hot commodity. Better off waiting, Monterrey.

Aldo de Nigris lifted the trophy with a heavy heart

One last note about Aldo de Nigris, who scored the first of Monterrey’s goals last night. No one has ever denied that he has the talent. And there is no doubt that he is deeply saddened by the loss of his brother. But it has been an inspiration to watch him channel his sadness and grief into something positive. He has never played better. And it couldn’t have come at a better time. He scored 4 goals in the liguilla, and can now officially throw his name in the hat for a spot in the final 23 headed to South Africa. It’s not as if Mexico is dripping with strikers, so de Nigris has as much of a chance as anyone else. And if he keeps scoring goals….