A World Cup Wish List

I did not get a chance to see the draw live because I was on my way up to the DFW metroplex to get ready for our Big XII Championship broadcast. The weekend could not have started off stranger. It was snowing on us even though it was 40, and then we were able to pick up the Dallas signal of ESPN Deportes. They were having a sorteo extravaganza.


I know first hand as a producer that you have to get your breaks in your show. But I also know that occasionally you have to let it ride a little if the content calls for it. For instance, after Hunter Lawrence made his game winning field goal kick, I let the announcers describe the celebration on the field for a while until there was a natural break, and then we ran our spot.

ESPN Deportes Dallas ran a break in the middle of the draw.

Radio breaks last 7 minutes. So did the draw.

To make matters worse, the signal was cutting in and out when they were back on the air. So a few moments of anxiety were followed by relief.

No Group of Death for Mexico. Or the US. Honduras? Not as lucky. Brazil? It’s about time they get a tough group.

I enjoy footie, but I love the world cup. Once I knew what it was all about, I would play hooky from school to watch the games.

“Mom, my stomach hurts.”

“OK, go back to bed. Who’s playing today?”

Unfortunately, the world cup never seems to unfold the way that I would like, and that’s with putting aside Mexico’s Mexico’s fate. So here’s an open letter to the Futbol Holy Trinity of Puskas, Garrincha, and Best to rundown my World Cup wish list.

Oh heavenly first touch maestros, benders of the ball, and finders of the net, I am but a humble blogger who merely wants to be entertained this summer by sensational teams, sensational goals and a world cup to remember. I have worshiped at temple since 1978, and was lucky enough to make a few pilgrimages in 1994. Thank you for Brazil-Holland at the Cotton Bowl, BTW.

I don’t ask for much, but if y’all could see to it that these come to pass, I would be eternally grateful.

Can you see to it that Brazil plays more like Brasil82 and not Brasil06. They don’t have to win it all, but can they at least give us a little samba?

Is it too much to ask to have more non-european teams in the second round than European teams? I have nothing against the old continent, but it would be nice to see other teams in the latter stages of the tournament.

It would be great to see a few African teams in the quarters, and at least one in the semis.

A few shock results would be nice, and everyone loves stoppage time winners. Except for those who are victimized, I guess.

Can you see to it that we see a reduction in the cynical “professional foul” by giving the refs the courage to punish accordingly, and without concern to the name on the front (or the back) of the jersey.

A bicycle kick goal has happened in the world cup in a while. It's time for another.

Can we please limit the games that end in dreaded penalty kicks to only 2, and none past the quarterfinals.

And last but not least, can we have a final that is worthy of the pomp and circumstance that surrounds it?

In the name of Father George, St. Ferenc, and the holy Little Bird, a-goooool.