Ireland Wants a Replay

My previous comments notwithstanding, I wanted to pass this along. I'm not going to waste a lot of time commenting, but I thought an update was appropriate

As predictably as rain in October, the FAI today formally appealed to FIFA for a replay of the Ireland/France match that was won on an admitted Thierry Henry handball.

I understand the impulse, and sympathize with the motives, but if you can sit through this entire video you're a far braver man than I, or you have a low tolerance for repetition:

[ame=""]YouTube- Dirty Handball Goal by France ! France Bought Judges ! France 1-1 Ireland[/ame]

Videos aside, IRELAND IS RAISING A STINK about this, although one has to guess that the odds against them even getting a hearing are remote at best.

It doesn't help much that this photo of Henry celebrating is making the rounds over there. You have to admit that he doesn't look particularly unhappy:

I wish them luck with FIFA. They'll need it.