“Wir trauern um Robert Enke.”

*UPDATE: Germany cancels Saturday friendly vs. Chile

Germany and the world footballing community are in shock this morning at the news that Hanover 96 captain and German national first choice goalkeeper Robert Enke apparently committed suicide yesterday by stepping in front of a speeding train.

German police sources have confirmed that a suicide note was found. Details have not been released.

Enke, who suffered a long, frustrating series of injuries over the years, including a recent bacterial infection, was still dealing with the loss of his two year old daughter from a rare heart defect in 2006 had recently emerged from the long shadow of Oliver Kahn and Jens Lehmann and appeared on course to start for Germany in South Africa next Summer.

All DFL players will wear black armbands in the next gameday as a tribute to Enke, as will his former teammates at Tenerife. Another former side, Barcelona, held a silent tribute and dedicated their Kings Cup victory Tuesday to their former keeper.

The German national team, scheduled to play Chile on Saturday, has canceled their training session. The official Hanover 96 website is blacked out except for the message “Wir trauern um Robert Enke.” We mourn for Robert Enke.

Enke is survived by his wife and eight month old daughter.

According to wire reports, US National team forward Charlie Davies has been released from Washington Hospital Center and will continue his physical rehabilitation under the supervision of the USSF medical staff.

Davies, who is still unable to walk unassisted, will reportedly require from 6-12 months to recover full mobility.

Perhaps USSF will favor us with a media release on the subject sometime today.

The accident which caused Davies' injuries as well as the death of a Virginia woman is still under investigation by state and local authorities and no further information as to the cause of the crash is available. While it's always difficult - if not entirely futile - to speculate in situations like this, the fact that the incident has been under investigation for so long would seem to strongly indicate that criminal charges are being seriously contemplated.

* The DFB has announced that they have called off the frinedly scheduled for this weekend VS> CHILE to give the team time to recover from the Enke tragedy.

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