Worst uniform ever

Working on the MLS Anti-Awards for 2009. Last chance for suggestions, but I'll give you a hint - couple of local Southern California players figure big.

But speaking of worst, I wanted to point out that the Daily Telegraph is an idiot.

The topic is worst sports uniforms. Coincidentally, one of my favorite sites, UniWatchBlog, is running a contest for worst American sports uniform of all time. So, yeah, there's your chance to vote for the Colorado Caribou. A 1996 MLS kit is nominated, too, but it's one that, to my recollection, was no worse than the fourth or fifth worst uniform of that season, let alone of all time.

However, the Telegraph is saying all time, everywhere. They're leaning heavy on soccer, too. Sure, they pick some real disasters.

But there's no excuse for leaving off the only choice. We're talking game, set, match, end conversation.

This is one story behind those shirts:

I wish I could find the version I read, but as I recall, it had more to do with Fiorentina's YOOGE financial problems at the time. It's a shirt that, as you can tell, doesn't NECESSARILY scream out "Nazis," until you see the swastika...and they you can't see anything BUT swastikas. It's like the FedEx arrow, only with, y'know, swastikas.

Anyway, from what I recall someone actually noticed in time before they took the field, and these shirts were promptly mothballed...until the season rolled along, the financial losses piled up, and Fiorentina couldn't afford to pay for new away shirts. So they thought...well...maybe no one will notice.

And the rest is history.