End of the irregular season

Hi - I'm sure we're all settling in to see who the last playoff team is, so I just wanted to give some food for thought.

Under the current playoff format, fifth place teams are unbeaten in the first round. This is the third year out of three that a fifth place team will be in the playoffs.

Sixth place teams have no record in the playoffs yet.

Historically, first place teams have been safe bets, but since 2004 at least one division winner has crashed out in the first round.

So, the smartest thing Chivas USA has done all season was gag this afternoon against Houston, and the smartest thing the Crew could do tonight is to beat New England (in order to avoid the invincible fifth place team, and get the untested sixth place team).

(Well, also because right now Real Salt Lake is a better team than Colorado, but I prefer to traffic in voodoo magic when predicting playoffs. Like your system works any better.)

We can talk awards later, but, if Shalrie Joseph is just astounding tonight, AND it looks as if the Crew are trying, then I can tolerate him as MVP. Otherwise, Landon.