Another week, another tragedy -- UPDATE

The bus that carried Chivas’ U17 squad was involved in a collision early this morning on a highway outside of Guadalajara. Four people sustained injuries: the coach, Manuel Martinez, the trainer, Corazein Prado Cepeda, and two of the young players. Some of the team members are visitng with psychologists at the club's HQ. The team doctor, Ricardo Herrera, unfortunately lost his life. QEPD.

The team was on its way back from Torreón, Coahuila, after a league game with Santos’ U17 squad. Chivas are sitting in third place in the league.

I hate to repeat myself, but my thoughts are with the families who are affected by this devastating tragedy. To those who are being hospitalized, may your recovery be full and swift.

Needless to say, this weekend’s Super Clásico with America will be hyper-emotional.


The two injured players suffered the most minor of the injuries. One had a few bruises and another gashed his lip and lost some teeth. They'll be fine.

Caoch Manuel Martinez has several fractured ribs, and is in stable condition.

Corazein Prado sustained a spinal injury and is still in serious condition.