You're a Better Fan Than I Am, Gunga Din

I didn't watch the US Men on Saturday.

I know that makes me less of a fan, less of an American and less of a man than you. Fine. I'm good with that.

Here in the far reaches of the wilderness known as rural Pennsylvania, the nearest viewing location I could find was almost 3 hours away, and I simply didn't feel like chasing the pirate feeds as they got shut down one by one as more and more people chased fewer and fewer feeds consisting of grainy, virtually unviewable herky-jerky video with narration I can't understand and a sound quality that would have made Marconi slit his wrists in despair.

So if you're as candyassed a fan as I am - even if you're pretending otherwise today - here's what it looked like:

[ame=""]YouTube - Oct. 10, 2009: Highlights - MNT 3, HON 2[/ame]

And as an added bonus, here are the postgame interviews Hannah Storm won't be introducing on ESPN this morning:

[ame=""]YouTube - Oct. 10, 2009: Reactions - MNT 3, HON 2[/ame]

For those of you who can't get enough of Diego Maradona (and who who amongst us can claim otherwise?), waiting until the end of this Argentina - Peru highlight video so you can see the man's reaction to the game winning goal would be well worth the time even if you didn't get to watch some really lovely football as the lead in:

[ame=""]YouTube - Argentina vs Peru (2-1) All goals & Highlights[/ame]