National Watch Soccer Like a Pirate Day

Typical boring CONCACAF. Mexico and US qualify with room to spare, Central American teams fight for the other spots, and some baseball country along to make it a Hex instead of a Pent. We all saw this coming last year. Ho hum.

So, yeah, that happened.

What more is there to say about Landon Donovan?

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Now, I don't always agree with Bob Bradley's choices, but I may need to slightly modify something I said earlier about Conor Casey:

After further review, what I meant to say was:

This was one of the most maddening games in the history of a national team program that makes Scientology seem reasonable by comparison. And they had me going for a second, too - or more precisely, forty-five minutes.

"Why am I trying to find a horrible feed of gray dots and white dots not doing anything? Why don't I just check out how Iowa is doing against Michigan, and read about it tomorrow?"

By the way, sorry I killed that one pirate feed by posting the link on the homepage. Who'd have thought posting a link on the front of the biggest soccer site in the country would backfire?

And I wonder how many people will remember this game as the match that had Paliakos for Honduras against Fellabber for the US?

Anyway, glad I hung in there for the second half. Funny old game, etc.

Even Matchtracker was tense. Even - ESPECIALLY - the BigSoccer play-by-play thread. Relive the pageantry here. Knowing the ending makes it even better.

Was it all good? Oh, Christ, no. I wanted Hejduk and Conrad in there, unironically, seriously, for reals - in fact, they'd better start against Costa Rica, or else, I'll blog about it or something. Jonathan Spector is the luckiest SOB in American soccer right now, and I hope he appreciates that as he watches Honduras fans open Carlos Pavon's chest and eat his still-beating heart.

We owe it to Honduras to start our first team at RFK and play our hardest...but we owe it to the US to play the B-team. Yeah, I remember how that worked in the Gold Cup, but what's the worst that could happen? Mexico wins the group?

EDIT - okay, Trinidad isn't a baseball country. But I don't like cricket - oh no.

Yes, I just made a joke that either people won't get at all, or will treat as if I had referenced "Whoomp, there it is." I don't care. The US qualified while giving its entire fan base a collective heart attack. I'm going to make bad jokes and tall glasses of whiskey.