Not For The Faint of Heart

I HAVE NOT THE WORDS to adequately express my thoughts about this photo.

I'm sure it's because I'm a pedestrian, parochial, flyover country rube and thus I don't appreciate high concept art.

Which I hope to God it is.

Because otherwise it's just a bunch of DC United players holding onto their junk while hopping about. And frankly, that's just disturbing.

I'm guessing that the real story is that they're trying to get a spot on the schedule of A TEAM THAT HAS AN OPEN DATE.

In news that won't make you lose your appetite there's apparently some good news coming soon from Vancouver.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL is reporting that final approval is imminent for the retractable roof which is key to the Whitecaps bid.

They're doubtless breathing a huge sigh of relief at MLS HQ. Having to withdraw their acceptance of the Vancouver bid was going to be a huge embarrassment at a time when league expansion policies are being subjected to increasing criticism for jumping the gun on deals which aren't quite nailed down.