MLS to Handle Their Own Online Operations

For years now people have been asking why in the world MLS farmed out their online operations, including and most individual team sites to Major League Baseball Advanced Media, a subsidiary of, (obviously) Major League baseball.

Although I've never heard anyone go into detail, it doesn't take a genius to figure that it had to do with money, ie. that it was cheaper to outsource it than to bring it in house.

Well, good news for those of you with an incredibly dork-like understanding of all this digital, website, platform gobbledygook (to use the technical phrase):

MLS is hiring.

The league has announced the termination of the contract with MLBAM and AS OF MARCH 2010 will be setting up shop and going it alone, for mlsnet as well as "15 team sites" according to paidCONTENT.

The league claims that the sites garner a combined 2 million uniques a month.

It's estimated that the cost will be "in the millions" and will involve a ground-up process including developing a platform and hiring editorial, sales and marketing staffs.

Polish up the resume, oh ye of calloused fingertips: this may be your lucky day.