Toluca IS Going to Honduras - Jona is in Dallas - Get Better Arnhold

Toluca will play Marthon on Thursday

It was looking very shaky for a while, but Toluca will indeed be traveling to Honduras for their Concachampions tilt vs. Marathon. Toluca had decided against making the trip because they were not sure that the safety of the team was guaranteed. Honduran officials, however have assured them they will safe, so game on.

Jonathan and Edgar Pacheco.

Jonathan Dos Santos is in Mexico’s camp for their upcoming friendly vs. Colombia at the Cotton Bowl. He’ll likely be in the spotlight whether he plays or not. Meanwhile, Javier Aguirre needs to see if he can rely on anyone to fill the very large shoes vacated by both Cuauhtémoc Blanco and Giovani Dos Santos, who likely will miss the last two qualifers with injuries. It won't be Jona. He plays an entirely different position.

Three of the four Mexican teams who are in the concachampions released players of the upcoming friendly. Concacaf can’t complain. Relying mostly on reserves, all of the Mexican teams are on top of their respective groups. The only team that didn’t give up any players was Pumas. Maybe that’s a good thing.

Arnhold Rivas is a very talented prospect. But that doesn’t matter right now. He’s been waiting for his time to come with Club America. He’ll have to wait a little longer. I’m sure he won’t mind.

Rivas, his father, and another associate were all injured in a car crash early this morning on a highway in Michoacán. All three sustained injuries. His father, Eligio, has a broken arm, the companion, a fractured pelvis. Rivas had a head injury, and needed immediate surgery. The procedure went well. Rivas is expected to recover fully and make it back on to the field for next season.

Recupérate pronto, Arnhold y que se recuperen todos.