Congratulations, Columbus Crew, 2009 Supporters Shield winners.

The tough are apparently getting going. Remember when the season started, and the Crew neglected to beat anyone until May? Remember when the Crew ran into a Mexican cement truck at the end of August, then made a starring role in Richie Williams' audition tape?

The Crew's September schedule consisted of the other three top MLS teams, Cruz Azul, and Saprissa. They lost once, to the Blue Cross. They won on Saturday without Barros Schelotto or Chad Marshall. Fortunately, they had Steven Lenhart, who, without GBS holding him back, turned from this:

to a mixture of this:

and this:

with even a hint of this:

(Lenhart's actual picture is a hoot, like those of his teammates. Does Columbus hold Photo Day the morning after Nitrous Oxide Night?)

In theory, Columbus should worry about another midweek CONCACAF-Saturday MLS contender turnaround, but (a) both games are at home, and (b) the MLS game is against Sigi Schmid, and you know what, I *think* they'll be up for that game. Are the Sounders even a playoff team right now?

If Saturday was a reassuring win for the Crew, it was a humiliating loss for the Galaxy. I really thought the Galaxy were going to win this one, to be honest. The Crew had a leg tied behind their back, while the Galaxy were missing no one of importance.

Los Angeles would apparently rather inherit the earth than the Supporter's Shield. (Yeah, I know, Nick Green used the "meek" adjective already.) So much for my Landon Donovan MVP vote. Do I have to vote for Conor Casey now, or is GBS going to sit his way to another MVP?