Spot the Diffidence

There's a promotion on the MLSnet front page that is tough for me to resist - you see, I love "Spot the difference" games.

Unfortunately, actually playing the game probably puts you on the AXE BODY SPRAY!!! mailing list, and I think I'd rather be on the list they were using in "Munich."

Fortunately, we can play Spot the Difference here on BigSoccer! Hear that, AXE? Hear that, Shylock Fox? You're not so tough.

Round One:

Round Two:

Round Three:

Round Four:
(withheld, because juxtaposing Sepp Blatter and Pol Pot might not be so good for our World Cup bid)

Round Five:

Round Five: it a hunch.

Speaking of spot the difference - the Chivii played last night in a friendly, and only managed to draw a little over 20,000 to the Coliseum. That's just astonishing, and it doesn't speak at all well for the marketing of Club Deportivo Guadalajara in Southern California, let alone the future of...

Sorry, the Rose Bowl, not the Coliseum. As I was saying, it has to be a little worrying that...

...wait, the Rose Bowl? Isn't that a little...

I mean, what was going on at the Coliseum last night that was so important? Was USC worried that the Goats would tear up the turf?

And the Rose Bowl actually restricts the number of events that can be held - well, the City of Pasadena does - while South LA, frankly, could use the business.

It just seems like having the Dickies play at the Disney Concert Hall instead of the Knitting Factory.

Well, for anywhere in California, that was pretty substandard attendance for Big Chivas. And I think I know the reason why. If you ask me, Chivas would draw better if the Mexican league dumped the playoffs and went to a single table. Wonder if Sacha Kljestan suggested that to Vergara while he was in town?