No choking in MLS this week

Here in Los Angeles, there's a minimum level of fame you must have in order to get away with a serious crime. We call it the Phil Spector Scale. It's sort of like the Mendoza Line, but for murderers.

Well, MLS apparently has a similar line, and at least a couple of Galaxy players are well above it.

We all remember Landon and David going street justice on Daniel Hernandez, but let's have a link anyway. Need to find a respectable site, though....ah, here we go.

David Beckham Gets Angry Before Going Shirtless

Well, if there's anything we know about Major League Soccer, it's the slow, meticulous way they go about - whoops, this just came in over the wire.

...all righty then. Clearly Beckham and Donovan were falsely accused. What I want to know is, where are the apologies? Huh? Bill, you posted that lying picture, how about you correct the record? And what about you, Dallas fans? Hernandez viciously attacked Donovan, then got his neck juice all over Beckham's porcelain hands! Well, if this is what they teach at Southern Methodist, clearly there is no God. (Or at least, He prefers Baylor.)

I'm astounded at the power of the memory hole on this one - Dan Patrick said the Monday after what a bad incident it was, and this was after week freaking one of the freaking NFL. You know, MLS should have suspended the two just for publicity. (It wasn't as if having Donovan and Beckham around helped sell out the Home Depot Center, just saying.)

I'm sure it's been said a million times - strangling Daniel Hernandez is a victimless crime. Except for one thing....

Oh, nice. By refusing to fine Donovan and Beckham, not only were Toronto FC screwed out of three road points, but MLS took money away from poor kids.

Speaking of empty seats - congratulations, Houston, but was it the rain that kept fans away, or the quality of opponent?

This is still an experiment in progress, I suppose - if Houston or DC or Columbus somehow win this tournament, then it will be interesting to see if those teams get the bounce that eluded DC in 1999 and LA in 2000.

Presumably, Cruz Azul, Toluca, Pumas and Pachuca entertain similar dreams. Because I see even less advantage for those teams otherwise. Where MLS fans look at the groups and see two dog teams no one cares about, FMF teams look at the groups and see three. Who's making money off this?

Well, let me rephrase. Are Caribbean teams on Jack Warner's teat making enough money to justify the bloat? Or is it literally just CONCACAF having a Champions League because UEFA has one?