Jack Warner Gets OK for Jamaican Ganga, PLUS Beckham Nixes Montreal Rumor

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I swear to God, sometimes this is JUST TOO EASY.

(Yeah, yeah, I know it's with a "j". Lighten up, Herbert)

In other news, if it wasn't for the fact that the intrepid Jack Bell thought it was solid enough to mention, you'd have been tempted to laugh out loud at the "Beckham to Join Impact Bid" rumors which virtually every soccer blogger on the continent babbled on about for days after it first appeared.

Yes, we all knew - or ought to by now - that Beckham's contract includes the right to purchase an MLS team when he finally hangs up the boots.

And if by some chance you had missed it, Beckham's PR machine dusted it off and waved it around like it was a French white flag a few months back as proof of the man's "commitment to MLS". (Or, sometimes, to "THE" MLS)

The only thing that tended to give you pause was that when Joey Saputo was approached about it, he wouldn't even issue a statement; his media guy would only say "no comment".

Since we all know that Joey loves a microphone like Kirstie Alley loves Baskin Robbins, the fact that he had a chance to have his words recorded and reported on and didn't take it was suspicious in and of itself. It created the impression that something was up that he wasn't allowed to talk about.

However that might be, the fact was that it didn't make a lot of sense. Some guys wanted to speculate that Montreal would be of interest because of its' "international flavor" and it's true that on the North American continent it's as close to a European atmosphere as you can get unless you count going to Vermont and wallowing in socialism.

The problem though is that Montreal is a Canadian city and the Beckhams came here to conquer the US. And even if they did decide to co-opt Canada with "Victoria & Dave's Yummy Maple Flavored Beer Donuts" or whatever, they wouldn't pick the small French speaking corner of Canada to do it in.

Most of all though, Montreal, while an entirely charming city, just isn't a big enough stage for the Beckham's act and, furthermore, it's hard to see Beckham "partnering" with anyone outside of his inner circle. Simon Fuller, sure. Joey Saputo, not so much. It's just not his style.

So today, hidden away in the second half of an interview with examiner.com WHEREIN THE REPORTER DOESN'T SEEM TO GRASP THE NOTEWORTHINESS OF THE STATEMENT Beckham admits that he's talking about a deal, but not North of the Ice Curtain:

"I am committed to MLS and soccer in this country and I definitely wanted to prove that by owning a team and having an amazing experience. I have that in my contract to demonstrate how serious I was about it"

When pressed on the Montreal story, he says that "talks are ongoing about a team in a U.S city: 'I can't say who or where it will be at this point.'"

It says here that there are only two places the Beckhams would find appropriate, Miami and New York (assuming that LA is off the table), and if you had to guess you'd think that Miami would be their preference. It's trendy, tony and wide open. Of course there are problems with the sports market but there's nothing that 19 Entertainment thinks they can't do.