Ever'body funny. Now you funny too.

Here's Adrian Serioux, with Toronto down a goal and already playing with ten men, making his bid for the "Worst Assault in MLS 2009" award:

Is this an expression of the growing frustration north of the Ice Curtain as thier inability to score goals - they've now posted three straight goose eggs - becomes more and more galling or simply an example of just how stupid the guy is?

Either way, I think it's safe to say that Serioux will be hearing from the league this week, and that Cummins will have a spot to fill for longer than just next week.

While Toronto has put up goose eggs in three straight games now - and it doesn't help much that Conor Casey and Jeff Cunningham, two guys Momo Johnston gave up for a bags of magic beans, have a combined 22 goals so far this season - Kansas City, under interim coach Peter Vermes, snapped a 426 minute goal drought of their own against New England and it felt so good that they hit the net three more times in downing the Revs 4-2.

In the Revs defense, they were playing a man down after Shalrie Joseph saw red in the 22nd minute. In this particular situation though it's pretty hard to make the case that Joseph deserved what he got:

The larger point here is simply this:

The league disciplinary committee, consisting of retired players and referees and such, reviews each and every sendoff and if they deem the violation particularly egregious they can and do tack on additional games and/or financial penalties for the offender.

But why isn't the reverse true? When they're all sitting around a room someplace on Wednesday and the clip of Joseph's foul is shown, why can't they say "We think the referee had a bad view of the play. Clearly Shalrie didn't commit anything like the "violent act" required for a red card to be justified and he should be reinstated with no further penalty".

Wouldn't that make sense? Wouldn't that be fair?

Instead, the committee looks at the play from as many angles as they have, everyone in the room thinks "bad call" - maybe someone even says it out loud - and then they move on to the next clip without further comment.

It's hard for fans to reconcile a process where a panel of experts sees that a player was unfairly punished and yet says and does nothing.