So do you recall that British guy that everybody in Los Angeles was mad at?

It seems that, if it's not exactly a case of "All is forgiven" then at least, for the moment, nobody is egging his house, either.

The thing about Beckham that everybody should certainly know by now but that, amazingly, few manage to keep in mind, is that he has made a career - and one hell of a nice living - out of defying fans, writers and expectations, both good and bad.

It's of course a little early to say that the entire "Beckham is a bust in LA" scenario, which has been the topic that launched 100,000 sports columns(at least) worldwide, is now null and void.

Only that maybe, just maybe, they should have held off on the tombstone. The picture of Beckham and a crowd of giddy LA teammates holding MLS Cup as the made-for-TV confetti launch explodes around them - which would of course be front and center on every sports section in the civilized world - turns this whole tale on it's ear once again.

Is this fun or what?

In other news from the 1-0 weekend, Colorado came up with the only goal in a key game (for them, anyway) against Houston, keeping the Raps in the thick of the race for a playoff spot and denying the Dynamo a five point gap between themselves and LA:

Making it a clean sweep of 1-0 losses by division leaders, Richie Williams' "Juggernaut in New Jersey" put and end to the Crew's five game winning streak (ignoring the 5-0 ass whipping they got at Cruz Azul on Wednesday which, undoubtedly, the Crew would love to do) as Columbus, who have made a very good living off of set pieces, inexlicably decided to play a short corner cutesy-pie game that blew up in their face.

Note to Bob Warzycha: when you have your entire defensive back line - Marshall, Brunner, etc. - drawn up in the box waiting for the corner is a really really bad time to kick the thing way up top where a guy like Dane Richards, whose only real calling card is his speed, ends up going 70 yards one on one with some poor shmoe like Brian Carroll, who can't even manage to get close enough to foul him, which is almost certainly what he wanted to do.

Note to New York fans: Juan Carlos who?

And the Stormin Mormons, recently given up for dead by no less a world class authority than yours truly, completed a two win/six point week by making this example of just how bad KC's defense truly is stand up for 75 minutes:

Six points of course puts RSL smack in the middle of an increasingly tight battle between seven teams battling for four playoff slots. At the moment, Seattle would be the fifth team in while Colorado, Chivas, New England and the Royal are tied at 33 points with DC and Toronto right behind.

If the season ended today someone would have to do some serious math to determine which one of the four stays home, and someone else will have to figure out who that would be.

But there's a lot of season - and a lot of parity - to deal with before October.