Coming Home

Why would an American fan go to the Azteca? To brag about it afterwards, and boy, they've earned it. Somebody should photoshop a "300" poster with "500." Maybe US fans don't look like CGI Spartan warriors, but I'm sure they can pull off the Leonidas crazy face.

There are some fantastic stories coming in about the fans who returned to America knowing that the "home of the brave" line was about them specifically. Enjoy some stories and pictures. If I've missed any, let me know.

James Demastus with words and pictures.

Warran Abao's story.

Douglas Zimmerman's pictures.

Adam Spangler's photoessay.

Drew Stiling from Chicagoland.

Bruce is promising his story soon.

This from some n00b.

And, of course, your fellow posters.

It is tempting, in the heat of the moment, suggest that US fans be allowed (a) to carry guns into the Azteca and/or (b) to throw literally whatever they want at Mexico players and fans in Columbus. I was struck by this comment from "Yourdaddy" in a previous comment thread:

Except that would just leave more debris available to throw at US fans.

Besides, I can't really justify RIGHTEOUS, IMPOTENT RAGE at Mexican debris days after Galaxy fans threw stuff at James Freaking Riley. Way to make me look like the Prophet Daniel, fellow fans. (And no, it weren't Riot Squaders nor ACBers.) (Would have had to have been a hell of an arm on an ACBer to hit Riley from GA to the east midfield sideline.)

Anyway, the comments from the BigSoccer thread from people who were there - they ain't mad or nothing.

And from Bruce himself, on an NPR report:

So, if they're not upset, I'm not upset. At least Mexico fans aren't Raiders fans, otherwise this site would be bordered in black right about now.

Did Mexico fans feel patronized by giant Nike ads supporting their team, seeing as how they outfit the Enemy? Because days later from another country, it sure looks annoying.

And what's with all the "eggs" references? Mexico will eat the US for breakfast, was that the message?


It does?

Well, now, that's just plain childish.