No one believed in us, says sky-blue magical unicorn

So FSC showed the Freedom-Sky Blue game after all, if a couple of days late. I'm just happy some of the other local sports Foxes, like Fox Sports Chocolate City* and Fox Sports Fuhgeddaboutit.

Very well-played game, which makes a grand total of one for the Skys all year. And right on schedule comes the phrase that makes me swear never to cheer for an underdog ever again.

Couple of reactions.

One - Christie Rampone, in the words of Leonard Graves Phillips, "Hail my middle finger."

I nearly didn't bother watching that game at all, such a foregone conclusion I thought this was. You had played that very same team in that very same park for stakes that, for all you knew, were just as high, and you gagged like maggots. You couldn't have stopped Abby with a twelve-gauge. You backed into the playoffs because Boston choked worse. And you ain't exactly Tony DiCicco as far as coaching experience goes...oh, wait.

But that's not the point. Why should anyone have believed in you? This is America, Coach. People don't even believe in evolution.

Secondly, oh yes someone believed in you. Robert Penner from the WPS league office suggested I write a preview of the Washington-New Jersey game, and I pretty much said "Why? They played that game last week, it was for all anyone knew a must-win for Sky Blue, they choked, the end. Washington's a better team." Robert said, in so many words, "watch out for Natasha Kai."

"Sure, whatever," I thought, and watched my hero David Beckham show what a pal he is to his good friend Peter Vagenas.

I should ask Robert Penner who's gonna win the Athletica-Sky Blue game, I suppose, because he called that one like E.T. phoning home. He hasn't gloated about it to me yet, but this is a busy week for him.

Third, and perhaps most importantly...but let's let Frank Giase set up an even more damning quote.

Yes, because all New Jersey had to do was get over on the Freedom before going to Los Angeles. And having accomplished that, all that remains is to book a flight to

You know what I like in my underdogs? I mean, assuming I'll have anything to do with underdogs at this point - I'm about two Rampone quotes from buying a Manchester United jersey, a Yankees hat - but you know what makes underdogs charming? It's partly how they don't crown themselves champions until they've actually won something. If I'm an A or an A's fan, I'm the tiniest bit miffed.

But by all means, pack for Los Angeles.

In any case, I don't really see much chance of the Sol beating Sky Blue in the final, mostly because...and you're probably way ahead of me on this - I think Saint Louis is such a favorite I'm even indulging the long form of the city name. The Green Mile may not make for a particularly skill-oriented final, but they're a better team than just about anyone else right now.

Behold, by the way, the perils of scheduling on summertime Saturdays, even on FSC. The semifinal game will be shown live, as will the All-Star Game, but the championship - not so much. (It does look like Fox Sports Your Community might show the championship live, though.)

*I'll take George Clinton's word over Ray Nagin's, thankyouverymuch