US/Mexico Roster Released

US Soccer released the roster for the August 12 "Attack the Azteca" game today, and THERE ARE NO SHOCKS but a couple of mild surprises.

GK: Guzan, Howard

DEFENSE: Spector, Bocanegra, Onyewu, Marshall, Bornstein, Cherundolo and DeMerit

MIDFIELD: Bradley, Clark, Dempsey, Feilhaber, Holden and Torres

FORWARD: Altidore, Casey, Ching, Davies and Donovan

Looks like DaMarcus Beasley has finally played himself out of the program. Freddy Adu can focus on his club career.

You have to guess that if Edu weren't banged up he'd be on the list and he'd still be a decent bet for SA.

(For some strange reason Jay Heaps and Clarence Goodson aren't listed anywhere.)

Torres is perhaps a mild surprise, but he's earned the shot.

Based on recent performances Chad Marshall and Stuart Holden will both be in the camp, but you have to believe they'll mostly be soaking up the atmosphere. Both would be strong candidates for the two guys who will be dropped before the trip down.

I'd guess that a healthy Hejduk would have taken one of their seats, but he's probably not a starter, either here or - if nobody else emerges - in South Africa. If Bradley decides to go with experience and heart bordering on lunacy, he knows how to get in touch.

No Heath Pierce. No Sasha Kljestan. No Marvell Wynne. No surprise.

Ching seems to be in for Dempsey.*(Please ignore this sentence. I'd delete it but that's cheating and I try and leave my embarrassing errors up for all to see.)

Conor Casey is another "kind-of" surprise; I think we can consider him Altidore's backup, but is he there mostly because Bradley wants to let Cooper settle in at his club?

Other than some guys who weren't likely to see the field anyway, (with the possible exception of Edu) this is pretty much who we are.

*Note: No, this is not a typo and I'm not drunk. The roster someone sent me didn't have Dempsey on it.

Since corrected. Sorry. Hey, I had, like two minutes to gin that up before having to be someplace. Sue me.