Pumas, Chivas, America, Already a Mess

Only 2 weeks in and the "focos rojos" are already blaring.

Pumas did not have a very good pre-season. They have a hard time beating Atlas at the Jalisco and Cruz Azul at home. So it’s really no surprise that they have yet to get off the schneid. To make matters worse, the first goal was one of the worst (yet hilarious) own goals we’ll ever see. And Carlos Albert had the nerve to blame this on the keeper in his “analysis” last night on Deportes.

They both screwed the pooch. Pumas is 0-0-2 with a -4 goal differential and have yet to score this year. It probably has something to do with that horrendous hologram that is desecrating the puma on the front.


Pumas’ defeat to Cruz Azul was expected. Tigres’ win at Guadalajara was not. Particularly the way it happened. Kikin Fonseca and Itamar Bautista slasa dance around the Chivas defenders, two of which are expected to play at the Azteca next week. That’s 7 goals in 2 games. Usually owners place all blame on the coaches for rough starts, but Jorge Vergara has bypassed the coach and gone straight to the players. On twitter no less.

To Aaron Galindo’s credit, he did admit full responsibility for the loss. “I take responsibility for the loss because I am the leader of the defense. In the first half I didn’t give the orders to change the back to a line of four and made a few errors. We didn‘t know how to position ourselves well, left many spaces, and unfortunately the goals came quickly.” In the "not me" world of Mexican futbol, it is always refreshing to see a finger pointed in the opposite direction.

Meanwhile, Club America lost at home. Again. It’s been two years since the Aguilas have strung together a two game win streak at the Azteca. This time, it was Morelia who got the better of the home team. Jesus Ramirez offered up a tried and true excuse for the defeat: blame the ref.

And as the flagships of Mexican footie flounder, Toluca and Pachuca methodically grind out win after win. Pachuca welcomed Queretaro into the top flight with a 3-1 thumping. Toluca went down to the Selva Chapaneca and got the 3 points thanks to young Nestor Calderon’s brace.

After two weeks, the top teams are in disarray and the best teams continue to live up to their billing.