All-Star Game Fiasco Underscores MLS Inferiority


I told you this was going to be a blowout Everton victory, and I was right. American soccer has proven once again that it does not belong on the world stage. But that's not news - how long has it been since the United States national team hasn't beaten a highly-ranked opponent?

This, though, was much worse than the Mexico game. Major League Soccer - ha! "Major League" - is the nation's Division I league. That means it is the embodiment of the best that the United States can put on the field. The MLS All-Star team is the best of the best. A team like that should be one of the all-time great teams ever to take the field in American history.

Well, maybe it was. But they were absolutely, comprehensively taken apart by one English club. This is a disgraceful, horrible time in American soccer, and I'm deeply ashamed to be a fan.

Don't get me wrong, Everton has a long history. But they are only the EIGHTH ranked team alphabetically in the Premier League! The very best players in American history can't compete with that? What's wrong with this picture?

And then there's Dominic Kinnear. Dominic "The Cheater" Kinnear, who had an ILLEGAL SUBSTITUTION in the second half. Um, EXCUSE ME, "Coach" Kinnear, but if you read the laws of the game, you're not supposed to re-substitute a player. And even with this reprehensible, unsportsmanlike rule-breaking - MLS STILL lost!

I mean, if the United States can't even come up with more than two goalkeepers, we're in a very sorry state.

Fortunately, the Red Bulls are still alive in the Champions League, so there's still a chance for US soccer to regain some dignity.

Speaking of All-Star Games. Abby Wambach scored a crucial, crucial goal for Washington last night, which gives her three in the past two incredibly important games. She's proven she's a big-time player who comes through under pressure. And I'm still not voting for her in the All-Star Game, and I still think everyone who voted for her before last night were worse than wrong - they were stupid-right.