I'm Not Sure Whether to Laugh or Cry

So, how did it go in LA yesterday?

I figure the LA TIMES is as good a source as any for the straight poop on what was reportedly an ugly scene, complete with Beckham apparently challenging the Riot Squad to a rumble and some guy hurdling the barrier to oblige him.

(Aaron Stollar has GREAT PHOTOS OF THE SCENE which you should definitely check out.)

UPDATE: HERE, thanks to a tip posted below by HATE (no relation to He Hate Me) is a video found by storied BigSoccer contributor Jeremy Eritrea. Many thanks.)

For me, I've never run a "caption contest" on principle but this one is hard to resist:

I mean sure, man hugs are great and all but all this one is missing is the two of them swapping spit.

Then again, a "Bruce Arena Thought Balloon" contest to go with this shot of David greeting Milan coach Leonardo would be worth it's weight in something or other:

As you might imagine, this is a big story pretty much everywhere except in the country where it's actually happening, where it's of passing interest but hardly Page One material.

Conversely, with the European leagues in their off seasons, about the only things they have to report on are 1) the really offensive piles of cash clubs are begging various players to accept 2) the latest silly season (actually, Bizarre Season is often more like it although this year it's been surprisingly tame) rumors and 3) the David Beckham traveling circus.

I mean, who even knew that PRAVDA still exists, much less covers football? Sites like CELEBRITY GOSSIP really couldn't care less but are positvely breathless over TOM CRUISE! and VICTORIA BECKHAM! and THE KIDS! sitting together.

And in case you were wondering, Entertainment Weekly doesn't give a flying fig about soccer but HAS THE LATEST NEWS on how Matt Lauer is having cuffs added to the suit Beckham gave him. Film at eleven.

This entire thing just defies parody.

(And in case you were concerned, the San Francisco Chronicle reports that David ISN'T GOING TO GET NAKED WITH ANGELINA JOLIE. I for one certainly have mixed feelings about that one)

Anyway, this whole drama is getting a plenty of attention overseas, and in a strange way it seems to me that the more guff the guy gets from fans over here the better it is for him over there, where he could benefit from the sympathy factor if the media portrays poor humble David being put upon by the barely civilized Colonials who are holding him hostage in our backwater football league.

Now of course a couple of years ago all anyone over there did was trash the guy but now that the mean old Americans are abusing him they're free to love him again.

And so it goes.