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Earlier this week:

Let's go to the videotape!

Because, in the words of Marcia Clark, there's no such thing as too much evidence.



Were it not for the quick-witted Murdoch minion asking that one-word question about Beckham's intentions, it would have been theoretically possible for Team Beckham (and, presumably, AEG, the Galaxy, and MLS) to claim that all the froo-fraw was really just about Milan wanting Beckham to finish out the Serie A season on loan.

Maybe I was the only one who was concerned that I had imagined Beckham saying flat-out that he wanted to leave LA permanently, so that's why I sent Sherman and Peabody back to retrieve this. I realize "Were you lying then, or are you lying now?" is a great way to get a press pass revoked, but still.

By the way, soccer press, good for you for not buying into Team Beckham's handwaving.


I love trades that hurt both teams.


Also glad to see the ESC take their shots at Beckham, even in the midst of more important issues - like getting some kind of change in the organization before the whole franchise implodes.

I expect no less from every other fan group...including Galaxy fan groups. But it was nice to see New York fans, who really do have their own problems, take time out for the greater good.

We should have a little contest, actually - a prize to whichever fan group first gets the finger from Mr. Beckham. RBNY fans claim a crotch grab, so the bar has been set.

If Beckham is actually fined for his reaction to your antics, then I promise to buy a season ticket for your section.

(That last sentence, like so much else you've read about Beckham's adventures in MLS, is a lie...but that's appropriate too.)


Climbing the Ladder reviews Grant Wahl's book about Alan Gordon.

Wow. It's not like scaryice to misspell "world" like that.


Four at the Back is taking another week off. Maybe two.


I dunno. Apparently the guy who wrote and said I sucked and was bringing the show down was on to something. (I think Kenn is just avoiding hearing me rant and rave about David Beckham, though.)


"So, Dan, if Beckham is so uninteresting, why are you yammering on about him?" Because he's been nutpunching my team since 1/11/07.

Got this from the Riot Squad boards. You all know how much I hate capitalism, but tell me what you think of this.

This is a picture of Getafe's (admittedly terrible) jerseys for next season.

And that's what you would see, theoretically, after a goal celebration.

Manipulative, cynical....awesome. I really should hate this - a corporation trying to impose its presence on the happiest moment possible during a match...but the sport lost its virginity a long time ago. It's objectively worse than an announcer saying "This Whopper of a goal has been brought to you by The King!"...but it's funny. And funny makes up for a lot, in my experience.