Beckham Gets Snarky

Well that didn't take long.

Stupid Spice has apparently decided that blaming the messenger is easier than facing the facts.

[ame=""]YouTube - David Beckham sets record straight[/ame]

Did you catch the reference to an "Unofficial Book"?

"Unofficial" in this case meaning "a book I didn't get paid for".

In any event, the Los Angeles Galaxy and AEG gave Wahl more or less unfettered access to the team, the players, the coaches, their employees and it's facilities for 16 months with the express knowledge that he was writing a book about Beckham's impact on the Galaxy and MLS.

The fact that 19 Entertainment - which, despite what David Beckham seems to believe, is NOT synonymous with Major League Soccer - got turned down when they demanded money does not make the book somehow less legitimate.

Frankly, the fact that Princess Becksie was not paid in return for participating makes the thing more legitimate, not less. At least over here.

Not surprisingly, he's also missing the point that this is not a book about him. This is not "The David Beckham Story". Rather, "The Beckham Experiment" is about THE LOS ANGELES GALAXY. You know, THE TEAM?

(For some other interview sessions that were no doubt more to Posh's liking, I recommend the roundup over at THE OFFSIDE RULES where you can witness Kelly Ripa getting moist in the pants - and, disturbingly, Matt Lauer doing the same.

Chatting with star-humpers is much easier than having to answer questions from a bunch of guys who actually know what's going on, isn't it?)

In any case, Beckham's little display of pique begs the same point that Dan made the other day: is he saying that something in "The Beckham Experiment" is untrue? Is he suggesting that Landon Donovan didn't say that he mailed it in last Summer? (Or is he saying that he really busted his ass game after game? Can we look at some tape on that?)

Or is he suggesting that the Galaxy doesn't buy him first class seats while his teammates have to fly in the back of the plane? That his best friend and "personal manager" Terry Byrne wasn't the guy who hired Ruud Gullit?

The question Wahl asks him is entirely legitimate, ie. how does his claim that he's fully committed to the Galaxy gibe with the fact that he's only playing half a season with them this year and, if all goes as planned he'll only play half a season with them next year?

I note that Beckham never gets around to answering the damn question. Rather, he acts like someone pulled his Chatty Cathy string and out popped his "anybody would want to play for Milan" response.

Interestingly though, what he follows it with is an odd statement about how he's always been committed to his "contracts". No mention of the Galaxy. Which is Wahl's point.

Look, the last thing that Grant needs is the likes of me sticking up for him. He's the most highly respected soccer writer in the US, a serious journalist with impeccable credentials.

But that's exactly the point that Beckham is missing: if he thinks implying that Wahl is some cheezy tabloid scribbler out for a cheap buck is going to fly then he really is stupid. In a ballot on who has more credibility among American soccer fans, Beckham isn't even going to hit double digits.

Becks seems determined to get his nose out of joint over a book that tells the truth. If there's something in there that isn't true, I'm waiting to hear him say so.

"Unofficial", David? Try again.