Gold Cup May Be Brew That is True for Mexico

The Gold Cup could not have come at a better time for Javier Aguirre and Mexico. After 3 games, some lingering questions are becoming clearer. A few players have impressed, others are wasting the opportunity, and the rudderless ship that has been mired in a CONCACAF tempest over the past six months is showing faint signs of getting back on course.

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This week, the Tri will be playing in the Main Event at the Jones Mahal’s first sporting event. Jerrah himself was there to greet the Tri for their training session. He let el Vasco wear one of his rings. No word, though, if Aguirre Putined it.

Jerrah and Vasco

If there was someone who needed to have a good tournament, it was Giovani Dos Santos. And he has not disappointed. He has been by far Mexico’s biggest threat on offense. Gio’s versatility up front has given Mexico something their offense hasn’t seen in a while: options. He can play in the midfield, as the “10” on the wing, and even as a true striker. Gio has yet to score, but he does have one assist (should have more, but that’s not his fault).

Another player who looks to have a solid future with the Tri is Pablo Barrera. The Pumas winger has emerged as a second half super sub, which has evoked memories of France98’s Jesus Arellano. The difference being that Barrera has actually scored for Mexico. The Cabrito walked off the field with no cigars in France, none more painful than that afternoon in Montpelier.

It doesn’t take long to see on the Bigsoquer pages that Chivas’ Alberto Medina has always been a polarizing figure. Love him or hate him, though, it can’t be denied that the Venado is having one of his better spells with the Tri.

But it hasn’t been all smiles and sunshine. Mexico is still looking for that elusive goal scorer. Unfortunately, the who many tabbed as that beast of burden, Carlos Vela, sprained his ankle 5 minutes into the first group match. But the injury wasn’t deemed serious enough to send El Bombardero back to the Emirates. Vela hopes to see some action against the Haitians. Miguel Sabah has scored twice for Mexico, but missed many more. And Omar Bravo, who is currently out of favor with Depor, is trying his best to rip the nets without any positive results.

Javier Aguirre’s behavior in the Panama fixture was deplorable and was lucky he was only suspended for three games. Nevertheless, he does seem to have put his stamp on the team. The 4-3-3 formation seems to be the best fit for this group of players. Mexico’s confidence can be classified at shaky at best, but we are starting to see the sparks of a chemistry and understanding that playing under 4 coaches in one year can easily erase.