Seattle Fan All-Star Ballot Stuffing Foiled

And Sounders fans are not happy.

Boy, I'm glad I live in a peaceful, law-abiding city. I can't imagine what it would be like to live where people riot over any stupid little thing.

The final voting stats...or at least, the stats that Major League STALINISM feeds to the corporate media to be spoon-fed by the sheeple...are here.

It's interesting to me to see where media, coaches, general managers and players diverge from Seattle fans. Astonishingly, Kasey Keller was more popular among MLS employees and media than ballot-box stuffers.

The defender chart is hilarious. The fans didn't want anything to do with Wilman Conde, just in case one was tempted to conclude that all was forgiven in Chicago. The media were willing to tolerate him. But coaches and general managers - by far the smallest voting pool - love defenders whose eyes are real close together. Geoff Cameron wasn't nearly a famous enough name to attract fan attention, but those who are paid to evaluate players love him. Chad Marshall's numbers - wildly popular among his peers and supervisors, belittled by fans - argue for not counting the fan vote at all. I disagree. I think the fan vote should be counted negatively - players who win the fan vote should be penalized.

Probably we in the media should be disenfranchised as well. We liked Osvaldo Alonso more than Stuart Holden, we aided and abetted Sounders fans in giving Ljungberg a game he doesn't need, and we're the last people who still think Blanco and De Rosario are helping their teams.

It was also the media and fans who love Montero, a preference vetoed strongly by those who receive checks from MLS in some capacity. It's almost as if the league devised a system where fan and media votes would be counted, but could be plausibly outweighed if they came up with the wrong answers. Good move, league. I've always said we couldn't be trusted.

Now I just hope this lineup can beat Everton, so American soccer can win the respect of the international community.