Pass Me the Hose

It appears that, incredibly, despite the Twitter campaign demanding that Commissioner Garber fix the officiating issues or else, there are still some problems.

Put another way, Houston got royally hosed:

[ame=""]YouTube - MLS Seattle's MAGIC Montero evens the score[/ame]

Sepp Blatter is absolutely dead set against the use of goal line technology. No word on how Dom Kinnear feels about it.

Stupid Spice and his old teammate Zinedine Zidane, whom nobody ever accused of being "unprofessional" unless they wanted a good stiff head-butting, HAD THEIR FEET CAST IN CONCRETE yesterday as part of an MLS W.O.R.K.S. promotion of a program that will be installing youth soccer fields in underserved areas.

The company he appeared on behalf of: the same company whose product he bitterly derides:


At first glance it appears that Chad Barrett was the beneficiary of some incredibly bad defending as he scored Toronto's third in their win over San Jose.

In reality, it was something else.