Aguirre Suspended, PLUS: US - Haiti

According to an Associated Press report Mexican National Team Coach Javier Aguirre HAS RECEIVED A THREE GAME SUSPENSION, meaning that the soonest he could return to the sideline would be in the Gold Cup final, if Mexico gets that far.

If Mexico does not make it to the final, the balance of the suspension must be served during World Cup qualifying matches.

This would in all likelihood mean he would not be available for the upcoming game against the United States.

In a statement from CONCACAF General Secretary and Macy's Parade Float Chuck Blazer,

"The committee acknowledged that Mr. Aguirre is well known to them as a responsible person and it was their belief that this was an aberration rather than any aspect of his normal behavior"

However that may be, CONCACAF also fined the FMF $25,000 for what the disciplinary committee considered "serious irresponsible behavior" by the national coaching staff.

Presumably this is in reference to the way Aguirre's staff behaved in the wake of the sideline incident, coming onto the field, pushing Panamanian players, etc.

Meanwhile, some stray observations about tonight's US - Haiti match:

I'm so very happy that Jay Heaps got a cap and a souvenir uniform. Can he be excused now?

If Kenny Cooper is trying to make the case that he's ready for the Big Show, he needs to re-think his approach.

Where does Robles play again? Is he going back soon?

Holden's goal was nothing short of brilliant. What's more, he was maybe half an inch from another one early on. This kid is the real deal.

I didn't expect Colin Clark to tear the place up but neither did I expect that much suckitude. On the other hand. maybe it's just me but I thought Sam Cronin showed real promise. How in the world does a kid fresh out of college manage to look that poised on the ball? Someone should have told him this is supposed to be intimidating.

Charlie Davies is a freakin horse. If he isn't on the team in South Africa, I'm rooting for Mexico.

Leonel Saint Preaux may not be a world class soccer player but he has a world class soccer player name.

The thing we just couldn't seem to find an answer for tonight was Haiti's speed. Of course Bradley had Rogers and Davies on the bench but overall the US made the Haitians look awfully good sometimes when in reality they were just awfully fast.

That said, it did appear that the US was coming on late. I think it's good for Haiti that it ended when it did. They were done.

I hope we get Mexico next but I have a feeling it'll be Panama.

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