Aguirre Hits Panama Philips, Mexico Hits Bottom

I apologize for not being timely about what happened at Reliant on Thursday. I am currently in Mexico City right now attending my high school reunion. I left San Antonio Thursday night, right after Gio had set the table beautifully to put Mexico up 1-0.

Flying into Mexico City at Night is Impressive as Hell

When I finally got back to my hotel and turned on the telly, HOLY CRAP!!!! And there I thought it was the Aggies that had the market cornered in embarrassing antics. Make way for the new kings.

Let’s flash back a few months ago when Javier Aguirre took the podium. Didn’t he say that the first thing he do was to bring back order to the Tri? Nothing surprises me anymore.

The dailies down here don’t need excuses to blare the sirens, but when they get a softball like that… Well, you can imagine. It was one of the few times I actually agreed with their headlines:

Wake us up from the nightmare

Touching Bottom

World cup? Not like this

The sunshine pumper in me believes that maybe, just maybe, this would catalyze the team for the good, but I had thought that when Nery went off on the press. The “team unity” lasted all of 90 minutes. The realist in me sees a team from top to bottom in complete disarray. The suits hasten decisions, the players lack any kind of heart, and the coaches (all of them) seem powerless to do anything about it. At the rate their going, it looks like they’ll have 5 long years to figure it out.