Things I'm glad I didn't post earlier this week

"Charleston is a lock to get to the semifinals. They've beaten Houston the past two years, the Dynamo are starting their bench, and even if you count their San Jose years this franchise has been to the semifinals all of once ever. And even if you did like the Dynamo's chances - oops, they're missing Holden and Ching for the Gold Cup. It's like USSF is trying as hard as they can to drive MLS teams out of the Open Cup by any means necessary. Be that as it may. The Dynamo are going down hard, bet the world."

"Turkey is a great move for Gooch. A tough league with passionate fans did a world of good for Brad Friedel, and I can't think of any possible place better for Onyewu to reach the next level."

"Man, Bruce is getting worked up about the Michael Bradley allegedly attacking a referee thing. Probably didn't even happen. Which I'm glad about, because then he'd be gone for the Mexico game. Oh, sure, I made a joke about calling him to the Gold Cup squad and having him 'serve' his suspension there, but FIFA would see through such a transparent dodge."

"We're getting a possible WPS Championship preview tomorrow afternoon, and look for the Sol to win decisively. Technically the A's still have a chance to host the championship, but they haven't beaten Los Angeles yet this season and there's no reason to think they're going to be the first to beat them at home."

"If there's one thing you're looking for in this Gold Cup, it's to see players like Freddy Adu make their case for the World Cup roster. The one consistent, undeniable fact of Adu's career from a very early age? For his national team, he destroys the opposition. Just destroys them. Now he's getting the chance to really shine, and he's going to put up some serious fireworks against Honduras."

"I don't think Landon Donovan will back off one step on what he said about David Beckham. I've been reading about how when he said what he said to Grant Wahl, he expected that he would be in Munich or that Beckham would be in Milan. I don't get that vibe. I think he said what he said, and if Beckham doesn't like it, he can say something when he gives Landon back his armband."

"Lance Armstrong taking the Tour de France lead? You've got to be nut!"

"I don't find pop-up ads annoying."